M/Y “Vogue” new Teak decking

A new Teak decking have been manufactured for M/Y “Vogue” replacing her 20 years old original deck. Teak decking Vogue Palma de Mallorca

Burmese Teak is supplied raw only from selected Supplier  and machined and milled in our Workshop. Planks are hand machined, milled, and selected to offer our Customers a superior handcrafted decking.

Vogue swim platform

Our decking are produced by 1:1 templates, offering a precise result about trims, margins and all special pieces. Deck is “tailored” on your Yacht, and not coming from a CNC production. The final fitting is “fastening free” and glued in vacuum, for a trusted  lifetime results. In addition, on “Vogue” we realized continuous  planks side walk, 26 Mt long, offering a continuous perspective often interrupted by cross seams.

Vogue sidewalk teak decking

Vogue sidewalk teak decking

The design and layout have been improved with fore tapered planks and more stylish center planks, very well appreciated by the Owner and Captain, being for us the best rewards for such hard and challenging job in the hot, very hot summer in Mallorca this year! Be in touch if you planning to replace Teak decking on your Yacht we will be happy to discuss any further details about your next project!

  1. Vogue decking swim platform
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